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  • What is the size of the trailer size?
    12 feet long 7 feet wide
  • How long does it take to set up for my event?
    Fizz and Flicks require a two-hour set up window for all events.
  • Can photos be printed?
    No. Our Photobooth uses the latest technology. All photos can be sent instantly via text or email.
  • How many people can fit inside the photo lounge at one time?
    Four people can fit inside.
  • Does Fizz and Flicks provide any beverages?
    No. Clients are responsible for providing all beverages for their event.
  • What is the serving size for the Taps?
    There are three taps, two are carbonated and one is a still tap for non-carbonated beverages. Each tap holds 2.5 gallons or 12 bottles of champagne.
  • Is glassware provided?
    Fizz and Flicks will provide 12 glasses at no fee. Extra glassware is available at additional fee
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